I’m a software engineer. Currently I’m working on the backend of an unannounced game at Lesta Games (a former Wargaming’s Studio), but most of my career I’ve been working on the client side: GUIs, tools, gameplay systems and a bit of graphics.

I got interested in programming in childhood. Since then I had an opportunity to work with a lot of technologies and languages from QuickBASIC and Blitz3D to Kotlin, Kafka and distributed systems.

My primary interest is the software engineering itself, I love to enhance my understanding of how software works and, more importantly, how to develop it efficiently and predictably. My second area of interest is games. I love games and I play them even longer than I write code (but not that much longer). At the present moment I have fortune to combine both of my passions by working at a game development studio.

Sometimes I also write a blog. It’s in Russian for now, but I promise to write the next article in English :)